Wednesday, 25 July 2012


 An Epic-Feel'less' Game

In this blog a great many of online or PC games will be discussed since I count myself among those who enjoy not-so-casual-almost-sick gaming. In referring to those games I will be expressing my thoughts only and how "I" liked or disliked them and why. Be warned though that my gaming experience, usually if not always, consists of Fantasy Role Play games so if you are also a fantasy role player then stay tuned to this blog and please share your thoughts.

Let us begin with Skyrim. The least of my favourites.

My qualms with Skyrim does not involve its technical qualities. The graphics are superb, as are the fights. The fact that you can navigate around the world, (a luxury that lacks in the previous bioware Dragon Age Games) and the map travels are certainly additional advantages of this specific game. Class building is very much like as it was in Oblivion and it is a very nice approach. Character creation could be better but it is not painful. The interactions with npcs are tolerable, crafting is also enjoyable and in general the game is definitely worth purchasing.

However this does not mean that it couldn't be bettered:

The fact that there is no specific end game kills some of the pleasure you get from creating a hero or a villain. "No end game" should be restricted to online games, not pc games. Expansions can be fit into the story but when the story of your much valued character hangs in the air then you feel as if the game is incomplete. A video cut or an epilogue of some sort is a must.

 In Skyrim you go around magnificently powerful and overtake impossible obstacles, not to mention that you are the Dragonborn, the long expected hero, and yet the game fails to give you the impression that you indeed are the hero, the fate changer. No no, you walk into a town and, regardless of the fact that you might be an honoured citizen, a guard insolently belittles you with these words: "Let me guess. Someone stole your sweet-roll." I am wearing a Deadric Armour...Do I look like I would let anyone steal my sweet-roll???!!!



The lack of Epic Feel does not end here. It is especially felt after you have beaten "The World Eater" and are forced to kill Paarthurnax by the so-called Blades and unless you do they wont be interacting with you again. I do not have any problems with making a choice in a game, after all I can always make a new character and explore the things on the other side but this specific scene is done in such a way that you, the great hero of Skyrim, do not get a say in it. You do not even get a dialogue option to tell them off. You simply and humbly bow your head and get out of there.

!!!!!End of Spoilers!!!!!

Now it has been quite some months since I completed my second play through and by then there werent many mods in altering the gaming experience of Skyrim. So all the points referred to in this post are comments on the original game not the modded versions.

As for the NPCs and companions and romantic relations within the game: I have to first tell you that I like having a companion within a game romanced or no. Marriage in Skyrim is possible with a great many options of NPCs and with the use of the console you can add even more to that list. I did not have a special complaint on romances (actually there are no romances in Skyrim just marriages) being maybe a little too discriminate when compared to some other games out there. But I do have complaints on how your companions constantly get in your way and that every time you would like them to wait you have to talk to them. I dont know if this can be altered through console but I shouldnt go through with the trouble of correcting things as a consumer. 

So lets round up this post: What were my final thoughts on Skyrim after having completed two playthroughs? I wouldn't recommend it most fervently to those who play games to be the hero and/or would like to feel the entirety of their hero's feelings and thoughts and even put themselves in their places. However if you like casual or challenging questing while enjoying building a character, taking part in impressive fights and an environment so real and clear, then Skyrim is for you.