Wednesday, 25 July 2012

A little Artwork of the Characters I Play

The title should read hardly artwork but here it is:
I had made those sketches in likeness of my characters in the game Lord of the Rings Online and how they looked like in my head rather than in the pixel world of the game. They are nothing much but I like them all the same. 

 The one above is the character this blog is named after. She is Tinuvela Celeblindar (translation: silver bard) an elven minstrel. You may recognize the sketch from the profile picture. Although she is hardly my main any more, the years of using her name on the internet and in every game (even the good old D&D on paper ) has grown on me as an unbreakable habit. And so here she is.

This is Amberlinn Crimsonshield my true main. I love role playing with her as her character resembles me and so it is not very hard acting with her :) She is a guardian and she loves tanking but in role play circles she is a fervent adventurer and a mischief seeker.

Here you see Estelamir Arrnalindir (translation: HopeJewel Stormsinger) my elven Rune Keeper. Rune Keepers are actually not compatible with the lore of the Lord of the Rings but still they are quite the powerful DPS and effective healers to boot.

 And last but not least is a villainous burglar who in role play is my shameless assassin. She is immense fun to act with and as a class she aint bad at all. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Laureina the shameless :)