Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Moliére (Film 2007)

Directed by Laurent Tirard, the film is a French production which was released in Europe in January 2007 and USA july 2007. It is a work of fiction although supposedly Moliere is in it but what is conveyed throughout the film is his works coming into life within this fictional biography. The story takes place in France 1645 when Moliére is released from the prison, by an extremely talentless and mind numbingly idiotic aristocrat who hopes to gain the affection of a young Marquees. The rest as we call it is pure comedy!

The role acting is superb as are the setting and direction. The comedy of condition blends so well with physical comedy in the embodiment of the plot but of course the director owes that greatly to the humor of Moliere himself and the talents of his actors.

The video below is a great scene between the aristocrat and Moliére while he tries to teach him a thing or two about acting. Watch it for sure and you will not regret it:

And below I attach the trailer. If you would like to have a pleasant night, after a hard day's work, in order to release some tension through the genre of comedy then Moliére is going to do just that for you. I strongly recommend it.