Saturday, 15 September 2012


So far...

Alright it hasnt been long since I began playing this mmorpg but I would like to write my opinion on my first impressions of the game.

Lets begin with the technical aspects:
Star Wars The Old Republic is a recently released sci-fi mmorpg by Lucasarts, Bioware and EA Games. Bioware production is instantly felt in the game strongly. The levelling system is based on xp gain, pretty much like any other mmorpg. The skill system is through visiting trainers and obtaining new or improved skills. Each class at level 10 chooses one of the two specializations to further enhance his character.

Each class gets a number of companions. Companion is especially introduced by bioware in former games such as DAO and DA2. You can interact with these companions, they assist you greatly through combat and do your crafting for you. You even get romance options with some of them. When it comes to adding a depth to companions in a game Bioware as always has done a great job.

Now lets come to the content:
There are two factions that you can choose from: The Dark Side (the empire) and the Light Side (the republic) these two factions can not communicate with each other in the game so if you want to play with a friend you will have to go for the same faction. Each faction's story is developed separately and each class gets a special class story line apart from the common planet story lines.

During dialogues Bioware has used a format that I am so familiar with from DA2. The video footage system where you see your toon act. Now this must have been amazingly difficult to achieve when you think about it. Each and every one of the classes are voiced by a different voice actor not to mention the mission givers, npcs, companions etc...

My biggest toon is only level 22 as yet but so far what are my first impressions of the game?
Well as a person who said when the game first came out: "I would never ever play a game that begins with the word star!" I am happy to eat it all back. I did not touch the game for a long time although my husband played it, I refused to touch anything that was sci-fi as I hate it and Star Wars in general (not just the games that came out till now but also the movies and everything) always seemed something as laughable to me. And they still do...except for THIS game! I guess its a true testament to how good the game is to entice a sci-fi hater such as myself.

The video below is a nice little intro to all the classes in the game. Watch and enjoy :)

My hats off to you Bioware! You always do such an amazing job.