Monday, 18 February 2013

Vanity; thy name is smart phone!

It doesn’t matter if you are a girl or a boy, it doesn’t matter where you are from, it doesn’t matter if you are clever or not. The new craze that has been going on for like the last 5 years now, is to self-take pictures of you posing in front of the most mundane places imaginable. Most of the profile pictures in places such as Facebook, google plus, tweeter and even avatars in various sites are those ridiculous images one tends to take of him/herself. On Facebook, if it is not the profile picture, you are sure to find at least an album of a smart phone originated faces and an arm extending to the invisible phone its invisible hand holds.
I suppose having a camera in your pocket has become such a trusted habit that it is meaningless to ask 500 strangers a day to take a picture of you for you to use as a profile picture or an avatar. Besides how ridiculous would you look if you asked someone in the public restroom to take a picture of you right there? I can hear the conversation.
You:  Hello, hi. Could you take a picture of me please?
Stranger: Here?
Y: Yes, yes here
S: Why?
Y: I look kind of pretty/handsome today.
You wouldn’t do that would you? Well the next time you have got a smart phone camera in your hand try playing out this scenario to yourself and abstain from doing it! The conversation with an actual stranger may not have taken place but from the photographs it is obvious that you had the conversation in your head with your inner stranger. Next time try saying it out loud. You will find that you sound absolutely ridiculous. 
If you do not wish to hear the voice of reason please then at least learn how to crop images so that you don’t look silly with that phone holding arm. Seriously…