Saturday, 27 April 2013

Google Glass

Use the tool or become a/the "Tool"?

 So I never thought that cyborgs would be people themselves and not the products of human creativity . Whats next? Matrix? New eye balls with internet/photo-camera-video/navigation integrated in them? Are we going to go ahead and know everything about any stranger on the street soon? 
I have been reading and watching a lot lately about this new technological product and I already dislike it to the point of yikes. 

Anthropologically speaking, tools have always been what set humans aside in this world. Our ability to use them and improve them led to our superiority. But I am not sure this included turning ourselves into gadgets and Google Glass my @$$ is the first step into this new world.

Human has always been dependent on tools. If it were not for the tools he could not have survived in the wild to begin with. But human until recently has not been dependent on technology. Technology has always been the means to entertainment and comfort; not survival. With the smart phones came the era of not memorizing any phone numbers. How many of us really remembers how many phone numbers? With the navigation came the loss of direction senses. Soon we will have no need to meet our friends face to face and will start living in contained white boxes because we will need no windows to look outside. Some might see this as a positive thing but I dont. And if you want to know why please read the short story "The Machine Stops" by E.M. Forster since we seem to be going headfirst there.

No asteroids, no orbit fails, no ice-age, no global warming, no sun exploding into a bigillion bits and leaving us without light. We will destroy ourselves pretty well by losing our self-reliance to survive. Oh yes that will do it alright.

Human has been using his brains less and less for quite some time now but soon he will use it least when he is spoon-fed every information, even the most worthless ones. He will be a nice little shell of a body, drooling as he makes rounds and sees the world behind the layers of letter covered glasses. 
How different he will be than a robot is still up for grabs. 

Seriously, read "The Machine Stops".   

And one more thing: Google Glass looks stupid! Anyone who wears it looks idiotic! As idiotic as Inspector Gadget.
But that is its best feature when compared to the repercussions of a drooling humanity.
A humanity which is already drooling all over smartphones, computers and tablets. Sure why not hand him a pair of glasses too?

Stop the machine now!


Monday, 8 April 2013

LOTRO 6th Anniversary

fan-edited video

Here is a video I have been working on to wish the game I and so many of my friends love. This was my first attempt to edit a video apart from a few slide-shows I made long time ago. So I apologize for its flaws. It consists of so many a footage that can be found on the internet (apart from those I recorded myself in the game) and if you like you can check the main video on You Tube for a detailed list of links. For best quality set the video to HD.  Without further ado I would just like to say: Happy Birthday LOTRO :)

The video below is for those who could not watch it through Youtube because of country regulations. The quality of this video is nowhere close to the original (actually the quality is despicable so dont watch it full screen) but I did not wish to leave anyone without options and so I am adding it here. However if you can view it in YouTube I strongly recommend that you watch that one and even make use of other means such as IP shield in order to watch the original and not the one below.